Academic passport

Short bio

I  mostly identify as an urban geographer who particularly focuses on social injustice. I am working much on the everyday realities of bisexual people in the Netherlands and have written a number of publications based on previous studies that I conducted with people who are attracted to not only men or women. The multiple (and complex) relations between sexuality and space intrigue me on a daily basis and I am happy to have  had opportunities to explore these  relations. In most studies I aim to combine sexuality theory with broader geographical approaches such as more-than-representational theories and practice theories.

My research interests are: sexuality, LGBTI, sexual health, multiculturalism, identity & identity politics, marginalisation, social justice, social innovation, militarism, conflicts, and geopolitics.

What can you find in this section? 

In this section you will find my academic efforts, memberships, and output. I only list output that has been published (or presented, in case of workshops or conference contributions) or, at least, accepted. I do not only write in English as I find it important to also make content available for people who do not read academic journals and/or people who do not master English. These Dutch articles (target group: Dutch and Flemish professionals, policy makers, students, and academics) are accompanied with an English translation to provide a first impression of the topics/content. I try my best to always link the output with an internet page; if you cannot access an article due to possible paywalls, please send me a message via the contact page.