Academic passport

Short bio

Emiel is originally trained as a social and cultural geographer (honours bachelor degree in 2010 at Utrecht University, research master degree in 2012 at Utrecht University, and my doctoral degree in 2018 at Radboud University) but mostly identifies as a social scientist who finds inspiration in sociology, geography, psychology, and anthropology. He is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Netherlands Defence Academy (since July 2021).

Due to his research interests, he mainly conducted qualitative research, however,  his basic “training” was in quantitative research.  Emiel prefers conducting (applied) empirical research over other types of research. Trustworthiness is one of his core values as a researcher which is reflected in his critical thinking about research methods, analytical tools, and research ethics.  

His current research interests are: mental and social health, well-being, the military,  interactions between the military and society, and veterans’ experiences. For other and previous research interest, please see his list(s) of publications.

What can you find in this section? 

In this section you will find my  academic efforts, memberships, and output.  Only output that has been published (or presented, in case of workshops or conference contributions) or, at least, accepted, has been listed on this website. 

I do not only write in English but also in Dutch as he finds it important to also make content available for people outside academia. These Dutch articles (target group: Dutch and Flemish professionals, policy makers, students, and academics) are accompanied with an English translation to provide a first impression of the topics/content.

** I try my best to always link the output with an internet page; if you cannot access an article due to possible paywalls, please send me a message via Twitter, researchgate, or via email.**