Media appearances

Items regarding my PhD study:

  • De Gelderlander: regional newspaper, interview, 18 aug
  • AD Rotterdams Dagblad: regional newspaper, interview, 18 aug
  • ANP: press release by ANP published in several national newspapers and websites (e.g. Parool Metronieuws,, 20 aug
  • De Gaykrant: interview for leading LGBT+ website, 27 aug
  • interview for national news broadcaster (Dutch equivalent of the BBC), 28 aug
  • BNR Nieuwsradio: interview/bespreking for national radio, 28 aug
  • Radio 1: interview on national radio, 28 aug
  • RN7: interview on regional regio, 26 aug
  • Furthermore, a number of news items were published that included findings of my PhD or mentioned some conclusions.